Knowing the difference between basic and beginners wood working tools

There is an old song that goes with the title that the first cut is the deepest. As an absolute beginner with new wood working tools, this won’t necessarily be the case nor should it be. Knowing the difference between what tools you should be beginning your first wood-based DIY project with and basic journeyman’s tools could be a bit of a challenge. But if you are prepared to put extra work and time into your early research and planning this need not be the case either.

For starters, you could begin this way. Know the difference right from the beginning. The beginner’s wood working tools are going to be a lot different from the basic tools that are regularly being used by seasoned cabinet makers. And here is another difference for new DIY project men to pinpoint. The cabinet maker is a lot more skilled and artistic than a basic wood worker. Cabinet makers will be involved with advanced projects which could be anything from building antique styled furniture to industrial use cabinets made out of wood or steel.

The basic wood worker is primarily involved in layman’s tasks which include the building of standard square or rectangular shaped wooden boxes used for storage purposes. The simplified difference between the basic tool kit and those used by beginners is this. A small set of essential tools no more than five altogether will be recommended for the beginner. The basic tool set is something of an evolutionary process.

As the developing cabinet maker grows into his work repertoire his basic woodworking tool set is likely to grow as his projects develop to a higher level ( for eg: joiners like biscuit joiner- click here for biscuit joiner reviews). But for beginners, the word work-shopping could not be more appropriate. Take extensive time out to learn the basic before you begin.