Different Kinds of Multi Tools that You Need to Know

Multi-tools are the type of device that everybody needs to have in their pocket. Not only they are useful for any type of occasion, they can even protect you from danger if that were to happen. Despite so, there are different kinds of multi-tools that you can always choose according to the way it is carried. Here are some of the best kinds of multi-tools that you need to know of.


The pocket multi-tools

The first type of multi-tools that we have would be the pocket ones. Unlike the name, it is actually not that small enough to fit into your pocket. They tend to be bigger and heavier to actually be carried around in your pocket. Even so, they are a nice tool to be carried around in your backpack or small bags that you have.

Keychain Multitools

There is also the keychain multitools which is actually the real pocket multi-tools. They are so small that they can fit into your pocket. Just like the name that it has, you can use it as a keychain where you will be able to carry it around on you. Thus, you will never forget this small multi-tools and it can help you at any time that you need it.

Belt Multitools

Belt multi-tools are probably the biggest type of multi-tools out of the previous products. This is actually so big that carrying it around in your pocket would be just too much. It is always better to just stick it on your belt thus the name is belt multitools. The disadvantage of this product is that it is too big and not convenient to be carried around in your pocket. Despite so, this item is a lot stronger and more durable than the small ones.

One piece multitools

Finally, there are the one piece multitools which are probably the biggest of them all. You can still carry them around in your tool box if you want. But the best quality of this kind would be its amazing material and longevity of the product.

Try to get the best multi tool type for you and have a fabulous experience using it.